About Me



At 28 years old, Sandra has seen it all. That is to say, she’s been from one end of Canada to another more times than she can count. Having lived in seven different cities across the country she’s had the opportunity to work in different fields, meet various people and has gained a substantial amount of life experience in a short window of time.  As it turns out, living on impulse and whims lends itself to some interesting situations!

A memoir detailing her time moving from one end of the country to the next and all of the stories in between is in the works and should be nearing completion in the spring of 2014. She also has a few ideas for Young Adult and New Adult fiction running around her head, all of which she hopes to see published over the next few years.

Sandra is a former coffee pouring extraordinaire who learned her craft both in Ontario and British Columbia. Currently she is making her home in Burlington Ontario with her two cats, working as a Certified Customs Specialist. Sandra has chosen to begin a blog, join various writing groups and attend local (and not so local) writing and publishing seminars to pursue her true passion which is writing.


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